Hey! I’m Latika Chauhan, I am starting this blog in 2020 as an interesting means of noting,  expressing my ideas, inspirations and daydreams. This blog is for those who doesn’t want to spend too much on clothing and fashion but at the same time they want to look classy and elegant.

I personally write all posts which vary from Fashion to Beauty to Trends to Food and many more. I will be sharing beauty hacks, home remedies , tips and tricks, reviews of collections, outfit posts, unique products, jewelry and accessories, other fashion related tips and whatever else that seems to catch my fancy at the time.

My Blog has 4 main categories: 

  • Home Remedies: Will be sharing all the home made stuff that helps you to save money from Beauty lounges.
  • Fashion: Will be posting my outfits and tricks that help you to look different from usual days.
  • Makeup: New makeup looks and more Indian looks.
  • Product Reviews: will be sharing all the products i love to use on myself.

I would be very grateful if you like to support my blog .This is an opportunity for me to be a part of your life. Do support me.